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Les Allumés du Jazz


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Gerald Cleaver, Joe Morris, Matthew Shipp, Paul Dunmall


This recording is a meaningful example of why we all continue to work this way. While we pursue any and all other versions of Free Music that our imaginations allow, the open form collective performance that builds itself on pitch, melody, rhythm, energy and rich, deep expression is an enduring one. We think that this performance adds a new piece to this now classic form. The independence of our playing present here can only happen by knowing the full musical evolution of this idiom of music. It requires an ability to understand how the form presents itself spontaneously in a span of time as short as a second. Identifying structure in sound in the micro to macro sense and deciding how to proceed while doing that is the explanation of our musicianship, our skill set. It requires close listening, the type that remembers what has happened, what is happening, and what can happen throughout the performance. We give out ideas, accept what is offered and allow that with a spirit of agreement held together by a vital force of energy. We ride that energy at different rates of velocity, using different expressions of the pulse, and a myriad of other materials to instigate, provoke, implore, support and encourage each other. Joe Morris, excerpt from the liner notes.

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1) The Bright Awakening - 56'34
Les Allumés du Jazz

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