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Les Allumés du Jazz

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Matthew Shipp, Roscoe Mitchell


Roscoe Mitchell, member of AACM from its early stage and founding member of Art Ensemble of Chicago is a living legend, a national treasure, involved in whether it as a solo, a duet, an ensemble or a classical music situation. Matthew Shipp, definitely a legend in his own right as well, play in many configurations witnessing his impressively brilliant creative devolvement. The experience seeing these musicians play live is equivalent to seeing/hearing Bach, Beethoven and Chopin play live if such a thing were still possible.
Here we are holding the gift of a recording of them playing together in duet. And what a gift it is!
Yuko Otomo, excerpt from the liner notes

Roscoe Mitchell (saxes, fl), Matthew Shipp (p).

1 - Accelerated Projection I
2 - Accelerated Projection II
3 - Accelerated Projection III
4 - Accelerated Projection IV
5 - Accelerated Projection V
6 - Accelerated Projection VI
7 - Accelerated Projection VII
Les Allumés du Jazz

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