janvier 2018
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ArtistesRobert Dick, Tiffany ChangLabelROGUE ARTRéférenceROG-0080

Material is the output of freely improvised music, not its input. The deliberate shaping of materials risks, at the very least, giving them a studied feel, and, at worst, rendering them inert. Dick and Chang instead use the materials they generate in one moment as a springboard to the next.  In the process – and improvisation is a process, not a genre – their music surprises. Bill Shoemaker, excerpt from the liner notes

Robert Dick (fl, b), Tiffany Chang (dm, p).

1 - Thieves
2 - Swedge
3 - Bricolage
4 - Nine Portions
5 - Raise The River
6 - This Once
7 - Palindromida
8 - Pirarucu
9 - Recovered Memory

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