Le renouveau du vinyle ? - Vinyl renaissance ?

16 février 2019
Le renouveau du vinyle ? - Vinyl renaissance ?

The vinyl renaissance that has gripped the jazz world in recent years — giving rise to an upsurge in deluxe LP box sets and limited-edition reissues — may well have a sage in Elan Mehler.

Mehler, a longtime pianist based in Boston, may not have kickstarted the resurgence of jazz vinyl, but he is certainly among its most sophisticated advocates and savviest purveyors. He is the co-founder  (along with Jean-Christophe Morisseau) of Newvelle Records, a quietly disruptive and aesthetically uncompromising label that produces premium LP box sets on a subscription basis, often in batches of just 500 copies per release. In this role, he brings a forward-looking philosophy to the traditional record prodUnlike most labels, Newvelle trades entirely in high-end vinyl — offering no digital downloads or streaming (digital rights are actually given back to the artist after two years). Instead, says Mehler, the focus is on the tactile sensation of experiencing music.

I think vinyl is answering a question in the music industry that the industry didn’t see coming,” writes Mehler on the Newvelle website, “and that is, ‘How do I reconnect with recorded music?’ With Newvelle, we have recorded some world-class music and we’re releasing it on what we think is the best sounding medium for this music.”uction model  

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